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Character Information

Character's Full Name: Fina
Nicknames: Fina? Fin?
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Species: Silvite[Human]
Sexuality: Straight
Fandom: Skies of Arcadia
PB: Elizabeth Harnois
When in your character's canon are they coming from?: She comes from shortly after the game, when she decides to stay with Aika and Vyse.

Physical Description:
Fina is a beautiful 17-year-old girl with a curvy figure, pale skin, green eyes and blonde hair. She wears an ankle-length sleeveless white dress slit up each side to nearly halfway up the thigh for mobility, white tights and boots with gold cuffs, sleeves which stay at mid-arm despite no visible means of support, and a gold headband from which depends a gauzy cream veil that covers her collar-length hair. There is a triangular cut-out in her dress at the top of her breasts. Fina has arcane markings on her forehead and shoulders, of unknown origin and purpose

She is of an average weight, quite short while standing at five foot one and physically very weak.

Fina is somewhat of a loner, demure and introverted with high feminine attributes. Being that, she was brought up seven years younger than Ramirez, she found herself utterly alone by age seven with only teachings, books and thousand year old men telling her how a young woman is to act. Fina's introvertism is directly from having no real contact with those outside the Great Silver Shrine in space, one can imagine how lonely she must have been when her only real human contact, Ramirez, left. While she had a girlish crush, even was his best friend, she loved him even after his actions in Arcadia and even after his death.

She is a strong willed, loving girl who knows that deep down there is really still good in people around her, even if they are bad. These traits are shown throughout the game and her inability to give up and keep going even when she feels there is nothing left, thanks to Vyse's help. Her compassion shows strongly through forgiving those that have hurt her and trying to reason, even when it falls upon deaf ears. Fina, while sometimes very sad, needs to re-cooperate after a devastating defeat so she can find the will and strength to keep going and never give up, no matter how bad it seems.

There is no length she would go to help someone in need, even if they don't seem to want it at the moment. She's faithful and loyal, never going into dangerous situations alone as she depends on those around her to help her, allowing others to lead her much like Ramirez does.

Given the circumstances of her youth, Fina is a surprisingly well-adjusted young woman. The polar opposite of Aika, Fina is demure and introverted, allowing the more extroverted Vyse and Aika to deal with strangers. Once Fina's friendship was won, she will go literally to the ends of the earth and beyond for said friends, even when they would be deemed beyond reasonable hope by most. She is very naive about Arcadian customs, given her cloistered upbringing, but she is a very quick study, and generally only needs a given concept to be explained to her once before she understands it. However, her education includes some very curious gaps, like pets, such as the dog-like Arcadian huskra, Pow, and the use and acquisition of money.

Fina had a profoundly lonely childhood. The only humans in the Great Silver Shrine other than her were Ramirez and the Elders, the latter of whom were all well over a thousand years old and preserved in crystals. For all of her adolescence and half of her pre-adolescent years, Ramirez was gone on a secret mission for the Elders, so Fina was virtually alone and isolated from human contact in a very sterile environment. The Elders seem to make Fina as a younger companion for Ramirez so they could use her to continue to SIlvite race through the two at a time, the Elders believed that only two living Silvites were needed at one time. Being that they were old, elderly and had their bodies in suspended animation, Ramirez and Fina were left mostly to themselves and whatever they were taught.

The two were ridiculously close, Fina had a girlish crush and saw him as a big brother and best friend of sorts. She spent all of her time with him, frequently was sad when he was singled out for lessons and she was left to her own devices. While Ramirez was trained physically with sword play and fighting abilities, Fina's abilities were more intellectual works. Her teachings were, but also included, magic, Ancient Silvite language and history of Arcadia's old world. While she seemed to be more bookish at a young age, there was nothing else for her to do. Eventually, she started messing with this attachment that came to her during birth; Cupil. He seemed like an extension for her, unlocking it's true potential at a young age but it never evolved due to life on the Great Silver Shine. Their relationship was as close as a 7 year old and a 14 year old could be, and Ramirez had to leave.

Fina cried and cried for him, even through his promises of keeping contact. They kept contact for a few months, but he stopped and Fina felt more lonely, even with Cupil around with her. The young girl continued her life alone, unsure of what happened to Ramirez and she presumed him to be all but alive. The next ten years were calm, peaceful and serene to the Elders, but to for Fina there was nothing left for her and she stayed in her dismal existence until the Elders came to her and asked her the same mission, explaining vaguely. Fina accepted it without question, knowing she could now go finish what Ramirez did but she secretly also hoped to track him down herself.

Upon descending from the Great Silver Shrine, she was compromised by Admiral Alfonso and captured, her ship falling into Deep Sky to never be recovered. Thankfully, at the same time, Dyne of the Blue Storm and his son, Vyse, and Aika did an assault onto the Alfonso's ship and attacked it for its goods and came upon Fina, saving her life. From then on, Vyse and Aika befriended her openly, bringing her into their close-knit relationship, hardly skipping a beat. Fina is the quietest member of the trio, and she prefers to be the voice of support rather than a leader. However, she earns the respect and love of everybody around her with her beauty and quiet empathy. Fina's relationship with Vyse and Aika grows very close by the end of the game, which allows the three to act as one.

Nevertheless, the simple honesty and conviction Fina displays allows her to quickly win Captain Dyne's trust, despite her odd Silvite origins. Fina quickly picks up Aika's habit of gently teasing her close friends, aided by her quick wits. Fina was going to leave as soon as she could, but during a sudden raid all the Pirates on Pirate's Isle an Fina were captured, taken to Valua and the Pirates left for the execution. Fina's time spent in Valua was at Galcian's digression and she found herself refusing to offer information to Empress Teodora as her mission was to keep Valua from getting the Yellow Moon Crystal and using the Gigas to control the other continents. During her captivity, she heard the name Ramirez and wante to seek him out, all her emotions coming to her in one display but she could not go after him and this "Ramirez" didn't come to see her. More questions asked and no answered received. Thankfully for her, she was rescued by Vyse and Aika for a second time before her execution and all the Pirate's escaped the inescapable wall of the Grand Fortress on Valua.

The first escape ever recorded.

On their way back, after a day of thinking, Fina asked the two if they would join her and they set out to help her. Along the way, they went to the City of Rixis, Glacia, the Temple of Pyrynn, Maw of Tartas and Mount Kazai. Each Moon Crystal proved more impossibilities that were possible thanks to Vyse and his "Never give up" attitude, keeping her up when she needed a boost. Fina learned very much from travelling with Vyse, Aika and the crew of the Delphinus; heartache, disappointment, sadness, regret, joy, faith, acceptance, anticipation, fear, submission, how to show courage when the end is nigh and common sense. Had she'd not been so fortunate to meet Vyse and Aika, she might have been moulded differently and ran along the same course that Ramirez did through constant disappointment and neediness for figures of power to lead her.

Unlike Ramirez, Fina was never briefed by the Silvite Elders on the full extent of her mission. This suggests that Fina lacks Ramirez's ruthless streak, and explains why she is quick to rebel against her handlers once she learns that her true mission is to bring apocalypse to Arcadia. During her explanation of how Ramirez stole the Moon Crystals, he appeared an killed Elder Prime so he could take his Moon Crystal piece instead of hers or using his own life. Shortly after, they life the Shrine to see what they could salvage of the attack on Creasent Isle and how to confront Galcian. Fina grew upset as time passed because she didn't want to fight Ramirez, because she still loved him after all this time, even after he tried to end her life so many times. Unfortunately, Galcian raised Soltis from Deep Sky, using Ramirez to control the Silver Gigas,


They were unable to get inside while Galcian used the Rains of Destruction to destroy Valua as a whole, leaving little survivors and nearly no buildings. There was one chance to get him and Fina and the rest set out to board the Hydra, defeating Galcian but watching him retreat back from the fight. It had been the first time she experienced severe sadness, watching Belleza crash into the get away ship, killing them both which angered Ramirez to the point of wanting the destroy the whole world with the Rains until nothing was left. Thankfully, the Elers changed their ways and sacrificed themselves to break the hard shield that protected Soltis and stopped the Rains for now, ending their life. Fina was effected by this, feeling quite upset and more alone than ever, even crying as she watched her proverbial fathers crash and burn.

Showing compassion again, she tried to reach Ramirez for the final time, begging him not to kill himself and offer his life to Zelos but it was already done. In one day, she lost her lover, best friend, older brother and a room full of fathers. It seemed she was the last Silvite, had she not had Vyse and Aika, she would have succumbed to misery of her loss. That was the last time she was with Ramirez alive, they group defeated Zelos, Ramirez and Soltis vanished beneath the skies and sunk into Deep Sky again, never to be seen again. All that was left of her beloved friend was his Moon Crystal, Vyse raised her spirits enough for her to understand that he fought in the skies and should be set free there. Once his crystal was out of sight, she decided to join Vyse and Aika indefinitely, but would never forget her past because of how beautiful it once was.

Naivity - Fina was born in space; a sterile, unsocial environment with no real contact with the Arcadian World below them. She tends to not understand things that most know about, in example, she did not understand what the term "Old hag" means when someone called her that or what shopping was. There are still things she doesn't know or understand, phrases that might be lost to her, as well as compliments or jokes. It can be more of a curse than a blessing as she can sometimes be trusting and put herself in danger quite often.

Strength - She is very physically weak, has no real athletic ability and frequently needs help getting by. Being that way, she usually relies on stronger characters to help her and tries to find an alternative method, if possible. Her upper body strength alone could probably not even hold thirty pounds, the Silver Shrine just didn't have the need for real physical strength in Fina who was considered nothing more than a breeder for Ramirez later on and a back up if something went wrong.

Hopelessness - Fina takes a lot into her heart and attaches herself to those that open their hearts to hers. When something that causes severe disappointment, she'll need to be alone to sulk for a little while or hear words of confidence from a friend to help her bounce back. She might never give up, but feeling things are hopeless are realistic to Fina.

Anxiety - She worries about things around her, things that might happen and often feels very anxious when starting a new quest or coming to the end. Fina often thinks back on past things which make it hard for her to move forward when it's very dear to her heart.

Introvert - Fina is not very much of a people person, finding it in herself to allow others to hand situations where they have to talk to many people at once. She doesn't mind, but it is crippling due to how she finds it hard to open up at first with people.

Companions - Due to her lack of having companions in most of her life, she holds steadfast in protecting them in the face of sometimes even giving up to keep them safe. She loves Aika, Vyse and Ramirez with as much passion that one could have for friends. Knowing that they are close to her heart keeps her going.

Magic - She has a very strong magic base, she's Ramirez's opposite when it comes to this, she fights magically with special moves. Fina learned her magical prowess from the Elders, she uses the power of the Moon an Silvite abilities.

Iron Will - Fina can be upset, depressed or even disappointed but never broken. It make take her some time and support to bounce back, but she's gain to courage to keep fighting and being positive when she can. Although, large, devastating disappointments will hinder her temporarily. She learned to keep her courage about her so she can keep moving forward.

Quick Wit - While Naive of all modern Arcadia, she finds learning new things very easy after a basic explanation. Her IQ is high enough to solve things when present with something potentially difficult. She also uses her Old World knowleddge to understand the new world around her. Fina will never stop wanting to learn or pick up things as she goes.
Flowers - She finds the life of a flower to b very fascination because how it can be so beautiful from life until its tragic death. Sounds morbid, but she just really loves flowers and greenery.

Ramirez - This is the boy she's always loved and always will, no matter how bad, how cold and how ruthless he might be. She's never given up on him and his death will always be something that will upset her, she feels like she could have saved him had she came down sooner.

Vyse & Aika - Vyse & Aika are like the brother and sister she never had, she's so close to them that they are like family. They will always protect her and keep her safe as long as she's with them.

Wide open spaces - For the same reason of being in enclosed places all her life, she lives wide open spaces where she can breath, open her arms and greet the new day. You can see much more beauty in the world from a wide open space than a closed one.

Adventure - Ever since her adventure for the Moon Crystals, she's been in love with finding another and go exploring. She's loves a good adventurous ride.

New Things - She learns new things all the time thanks to Vyse & Aika being patient and explaining things she doesn't know. Fina is somewhat inquisitive, so she would likely ask something she didn't understand anyway.

Planet Life - When Fina was a child, she was unable to see how beautiful life really was and has come to appreciate everything the way it is. If she know how modern people treated their world, she would be heavily disappointed.

Sailing - The wind in her hair, the smell of the skies and a new adventure everyday. That's what made her love it.

Empress Teodora - This woman is selfish, cruel and foolhardy. She refuses to listen to reason and instead of using her power as Empress to make the lives of her people better, she makes it worse.

Unclosed, tight places - Being captured and locked in a small area for most of her life, she has had a taste of the open skies and everything in it and wishes to never be bottled up again.

Selfishness, arrogance and severe pride - While she doesn't hate people, she dislikes those that feel the need to be so selfish and hurt others in the process or never listen to a much needed word. Had she been there when they confronted the Nasultan, she would have tried to explain regarless of his arrogance and pride. When Fina knows better, she does not mind seeing people struggle thanks to their own ignorance but she would never outwardly wish it upon them.

Unknown - Fina has always not liked not knowing what is around her or what's going to happen, she feels kind of lost in the middle of everything. Being left out of the loop is very distressing for her, she can't help but feel unhappy when she has no idea what's going on or where they are going.
Talents/Hobbies/Special Abilities:
She can speak an Ancient Language.
She knows all sorts of magic of her world.
Cupil is a weird mass with eyes that comes attached to her, it's explained that she's had it and it seems like an extension of her body somehow. I'm really not sure if she could be without it, it's likely that she was born with it like she was born with the markings of the Silvites. It seems to come from being a Silvite, because all of her special moves include Cupil.
She also has a crystal embedded inside of her chest, it's a piece of the Silver Moon Crystal. Ramirez has the other half currently in his hand.

Fandom-specific foes: Loopers? Lol.
Family and friends: N/A, Ramirez?
Outside link to character information:
Characters you would like to see in the game: Vyse, Aika, Galcian, Enrique, Gilder

You are aware that all possessions unique to your character will also have been left behind when your character was taken and that when your character wakes up in Vas Captio, they will find that they are missing everything they own and the only thing on their person is the Survival Kit? Yes.

You are aware that your character WILL be subject to random experimentation? Yes

Are there any experiments (other than death, obviously) that you would not wish your character to be subject to? No amputation or death, lol.

Any experiment suggestions for us?: One that forces Ramirez & Fina to be in the same area with one another.


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